2014 Statement on Militarism & Extremism

At the 2014 International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) 3rd annual Forum on Women’s Rights, Peace and Security, 60 women representing 13 countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia – including scholars, journalists, NGO leaders, educators and others – came together with international partners to take stock of developments and strategize ideas and solutions for combating extremism and militarism and promoting peace. Together they adopted a common statement and devised national vision and priorities for their respective countries.

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Egypt’s Fitful Revolution: Women in the Balance

October, 2012

Key points from the 4th brief in ICAN’s “What the Women Say” series include:

  • Civil rights activists still wary of SCAF as protesters face military trials and jail time
  • Women still facing sexual intimidation at hands of security forces
  • The demand for gender equality is deeply rooted in Egyptian history and society, but is framed as a Mubarak era issue
  • Women’s political representation is tokenistic; Salafis have pushed back against having a women as vice president
  • Language leaked of a purported draft constitution offers little protection of women’s rights or equality, but limited public awareness of implications
  • To distance themselves from the ‘corrupt’ Mubarak era, political leaders are brandishing their traditional values and religious credentials, even though there is little public interest in a religiously conservative state

Read the full article here: Egypt’s Fitful Revolution: Women in the Balance


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What the Women Say: Egypt, I

November, 2012

Azza Hilal Ahmed Soliman discusses the Egyptian revolution, how she got involved and a heroic moment that changed the course of her life forever.

Watch the full 13-minute video below.

What the Women Say: Egypt, II

November, 2012

Azza Suleima, Director of the Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance (CEWLA), which works to advance women’s rights through legal assistance to women and legal reform. Azza Suleiman speaks to ICAN about the challenges facing Egypt and Egyptian women after the revolution.

Watch the full 8-minute video below.




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