Morocco’s Dilemma: Rights and Reform or Closure and Conservatism?

March, 2015

ICAN’s women, peace and security brief on Morocco outlines the current political tensions and priority issues among women in civil society. It offers a brief overview of progress on Moroccan women’s rights and points to promising new initiatives by civil society to sustain progress towards greater equality and reform.

Read the full article here: Morocco’s Dilemma: Rights and Reform or Closure and Conservatism?
معضلة المغرب: الحقوق والإصلاح أو الإنغلاق والمحافظة السياسية ؟


Fatima Outaleb

Ms. Outaleb Fatima is a member of board of directors of a Moroccan NGO called Union de l’Action Feministe (UAF) since 2007. She is also the director of UAF shelter for women victims of violence since 2002. In addition, she is a women’s right advocate and a member of several networks and groups both at the national, regional and international level. Her academic and professional training has essentially revolved around Education and Human Rights. Ms. Outaleb holds a B. obtained her s years A in English literature (1987), a diploma on women’s rights from Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Right and Humanitarian law (2005) and a certificate on strengthening the implementation of Human Rights treaty body recommendations at the national level (2006).


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