Shobha Gautam

Shobha Gautam is a human rights advocate and journalist, and has worked for women’s rights in Nepal for more than 20 years. Ms. Gautam is the founder and president of the Institute for Human Rights Communication Nepal, where she conducts training for security forces, policymakers, teachers, and journalists on the importance of gender and human rights. She has had a profound impact in pioneering and coordinating grassroots movements for the inclusion of women in Nepal’s peace process. At the national level, Ms. Gautam was the founder-coordinator of Shantimalika (Women’s Network for Peace), which advocates for the implementation of UN Resolution 1325. Ms. Gautam has studied the Maoist affected regions of Nepal to gain a better understanding of the impact of conflict on women and children. From this research, she has published several books and articles, including “Women and Children in the Periphery of the Peoples’ War” and “Study of Women Living in Conflict Situation.” In 2005, Ms. Gautam received the Krishna Mohan-Nudup Peace Award for raising awareness of the role of women in the peace process and was granted a UNESCO fellowship to investigate women in rural Nepal through photography and story. Ms. Guatam received her bachelor’s degree in political science and history and master’s degree in political science from Tribhuban University.

Institute for Human Rights Communication Nepal

ihricon-bannerIHRICON respects human rights, equality, peace, and security of all the people by actively working in diverse communities. We work with others in Nepal to achieve a country where people are more empowered through advocacy and education. IHRICON has focused its activities on the sensitive and dedicated aspects of human rights – especially on children’s rights and the rights of women. It has been successful in fulfilling its objective of creating awareness among the children and women about their basic fundamental rights and empowering them to use these rights in a positive and constructive way.


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