Peace Heroes


Robinah Rubimbwa, Uganda

Robinah Rubimbwa, long-time peace activist, poet and feminist, recounts her story and discusses how women continue to shape Uganda.

Khedija Arfaoui, Tunisia

On New Year’s Eve, a suicide bombing in Istanbul left 40 dead. Among those who lost their loved ones is longtime Tunisian peace activist and academic Khedija Arfaoui. Although Arfaoui is still in disbelief that she will no longer see her son and daughter-in-law, she...

Fatima al-Bahadly, Iraq

Interview with Fatima al-Bahadly, director of Al Firdaws Society, an NGO founded in 2003 in Basra, Iraq, who works actively to demobilise and reintegrate young people and children who have been used by militias.

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