Gendered Transitional Justice

The animation explores the various components of transitional justice and offers five practical steps to ensure a gender sensitive and inclusive process.

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Better Peace Tool

The Better Peace Tool presents a practical four-part framework for the inclusion of women peacebuilders, offering proactive steps to broaden participation.

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Realizing Real Peace in Syria

Amidst the violence, thousands of Syrians are working for peace in their communities but the voices of Syrian civil society and peace actors are missing from the negotiating table.

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1325 Expert Interview: ICAN co-founder Sanam Anderlini

Interview with ICAN co-founder Sanam Anderlini, conducted by Sahana Dharmapuri, Non-Resident Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Independent Gender Advisor. Anderlini talks about ICAN's founding and mission, what it really means to "include women" in...

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