ICAN prides itself on accurate, actionable and timely publications which are essential tools to local activists, international policy-makers, peer organizations and the media. Our “What the Women Say” country-specific and regional briefs are gendered political and security analyses carried out in partnership with local activists and international organizations. We also publish video interviews with on-the-ground partners across the region as well as ICAN ThinkPeace articles which are short, timely op-eds or research from our on-the-ground partners.


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Here’s what some are saying about our publications:

“Thank you so much for sharing these timely articles. I will read them with lots of interest.”

Dr. Nayereh Tohidi   

I’ve just printed out your latest terrific report on Pakistan’s women. Last week I read slowly and with great interest (well, and anger too!) your invaluable report on women’s exclusion from political processes in Libya — and international players’ complicity in it!

James Alonso