What the Women Say Policy Briefs

We Will Survive: Women’s Rights and Civic Activism in Yemen’s Endless War

Brief 14, Winter 2016

Images of women’s mass participation surprised Western observers and revealed the vibrant force of Yemeni women as influential, yet previously unrecognized, change agents.

What the Women Say Yemen - Winter 2016

We are witnessing the limitless creativity of violence.

Atiaf Zaid Alwazir, Women’s Rights and Peace Activist

Do not tell us that it’s not time to fight for our rights. There’s no convenient time; we have to always be fighting.

-Bushra Al-Fusail, Artist and Women’s Rights Activist 

 “What the Women Say” Archive

Brief 14 – Yemen (Winter 2016) “We Will Survive: Women’s Rights and Civic Activism in Yemen’s Endless War.”

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ICAN’s What the Women Say country-specific and regional briefs are gendered political and security analyses carried out in partnership with local activists and international organizations.

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