Fatima al-Bahadly, Iraq

Interview with Fatima al-Bahadly, director of Al Firdaws Society, an NGO founded in 2003 in Basra, Iraq, who works actively to demobilise and reintegrate young people and children who have been used by militias.

On International Women Day, Iraqi Women are in mourning

The Council of Ministries to Parliament in Iraqi recently passed a draft law on Jaafari Personal Status that has been widely rejected by women’s organizations and other CSOs because it is sectarian and humiliates women’s and children’s rights. In...

ICAN Partner Hanaa Edwar (Iraq) wins Arab Woman of the Year Award

ICAN partner Hanaa Edwar was recently named a Takreem Laureate on November 14, 2013 during a ceremony in Paris, France. She won the Arab Woman of the Year Award. “Takreem was created to portray an alternative image of Arabs – one that speaks of hard work,...

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