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U.S. CSWG Releases Policy Brief on Gendered Aspects of Violence and Insecurity in Central America

Violence and Insecurity in the Northern Triangle of Central America: Dangerous Choices for Women and Girls

A Policy Brief in the 2016-17 U.S. Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace and Security Policy Brief Series by Alexandra Arriaga and Joan Timoney

A strong body of evidence shows that violence and abuse against women are not only critical indicators of instability, they are key to determining whether a society will continue to be mired in poverty, impunity, and insecurity. A climate of violence against women has plagued the Northern Triangle of Central America and represents a threat to regional stability and prosperity. Country and regional strategies must address the status of women, eliminating impunity for crimes against them and integrating women into processes for building peace and security.

Read the full brief here.