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US WPS Agenda: Not Just a Foreign Policy

Stacey Schamber discusses the potential of US Women, Peace and Security Act to transform the US's role in the world and stresses the need to widen the lens of the WPS policies and the Act to include the domestic US context.
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Why Are Women Peacebuilders at Risk?

Stories of women peacebuilders don’t often make it to the headlines. However, they are part of the longest-standing, socially-rooted transnational groups mobilizing for peace, women’s rights and security, and providing an alternative vision for the future.
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Now in Persian/Farsi: 10 Steps to Ensure Gender Responsive Processes & Ceasefire Agreements

Members of the Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL) gathered with ICAN who partnered with Initiatives of Change to host the 2019 Caux Forum: Towards an Inclusive Peace. With an emphasis on integrated approaches to prevention, over 100 peacebuilders from around the world gathered in Caux, Switzerland for four days of panel discussions, storytelling, country focused sessions, and thematic workshops.
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