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ICAN Video Release: The Better Peace Tool…

ICAN is proud to announce the release of the Better Peace Tool video, which explores the history and evolution of peacemaking in modern times and provides practical guidance for overcoming six common barriers to women's inclusion. For more information about the Better Peace Tool, visit … [...]

ICAN Activities

Announcing Publication of First WASL Brief in…

Uncomfortable Truths, Unconventional Wisdoms: Women's Perspectives on Violent  Extremism and Security Interventions A Brief on Policy and Practice for Mitigating Extremism and Advancing Sustainable Development March 2016, No. 1 The Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL*) has released … [...]

Partner Activities

“365 Days Are No Longer Just a Year”…

365 Days Are No Longer Just A Year Friday March 25, 2016 By Fatima Noman Tell me how did you spend the last 365 days? Did you end up getting that job offer? Did you get that scholarship you were working so hard to get? Did you graduate high school/university or perhaps you just got your pHD! … [...]

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